Homework Station

Homework Station My boy hates writing homework. Last year, we had many battles about getting homework done. So this year, I am planning ahead! I decided he needed a way to focus, as his little sister is always up to something to distract him.
We are limited on rooms for homework, and his is certainly off limits. He would spend the whole time pulling from his book/magazine collection instead of doing homework. When I saw this in Parents Magazine, I had to make it. Not only will it give him his own space, but it also has all supplies with it already. No more wasted time gathering pencils or crayons. He will unfold it, prop it up, and VOILA! Instant Desk.
Here are the instructions for this budget-friendly carrel:

One 14″ x14″ x14″ cardboard box (I used a different size)
Craft knife (Or Exact-o knife)
Duck tape
Large rubber bands
Post-it Mobile Attach and Go pockets
Binder clips (optional)

1. Flatten the box completely by carefully opening its seam.

2. With the craft knife, cut off all the box’s flaps.

3. Next, cut off one of the sides of the box; reserve this square.

4. You will have a tri-fold piece of cardboard remaining. Using your ruler as a straight-edge guide, cut a corner off each of the two sides with your knife.

5. Tape the reserved square of cardboard to the back side of the center section to create a double thickness (this will allow you to insert pushpins in the cardboard without them coming through).

6. Cover the sides of your carrel with stripes of Duck tape.

7. Stretch large rubber bands around the carrel to create a space to tuck notes and papers.

8. Stick Post-it Mobile Attach and Go pockets to the interior of your carrel.

Thank you Parents Magazine, for this fantastic idea!


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