Easy Halloween Ghost Decorations

Easy Halloween Ghost Decorations

It may only be October 4th, but my kids are excited about Halloween. My son is gearing up to be Link from the Zelda games (the geek in me is doing a happy dance right with him) and my daughter is ready to be the cutest Snow White there ever was! To keep the excitement rolling, I decided we needed some decorations. So, we made our own! It was easy, fun, and they are adorable. All you need is:

-White Tissue Paper (Yay dollar store!)
-White Yarn
-Black Marker
-Clear Tape

Start by having the kids ball up pieces of tissue paper, one for each ghost you want to make. While they are balling the paper, cut pieces of yarn into varying lengths. Tie a piece of yarn around each ball of tissue paper. Use the scissors to cut a slice into the middle of a full piece of tissue paper. Pull the string through and tape the tissue paper around the ball. Let your children create whatever face they want on each ghost. I used the tape to affix it to the ceiling.

VOILA – Halloween comes home. 🙂


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